Ashley Wood, Gas & Pellet Stove Parts

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Ashley Stove Parts

We have many parts available for Ashley Wood Stoves...we also have parts for Ashley Hearth Products Gas  & Pellet Stoves

Blowers and Motors, Brass Hardware, Catalytic Combustors, Grates, Liners, Retainers, Handles,  Electrical Parts, Firebrick, Gasket, Glass, Transitions, and Trim Kits.  Discount prices available!!!!  Call or email for any questions or to place an order.



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Partial Parts List Below

Ashley Parts

**Prices are subject to change**

Blowers & Motors

AY052713R Motor Left $169.39

AY052714R Motor Right $169.39

AY055832R Blower Assembly $143.20

AY058043R Motor Only  $141.48

USCB36      Blower Assembly $246.73

K10008R   2 Speed Motor   $139.00

Catalytic Combuster

03402  1.875" x 6.875" x 2" w/ metal band  25 Cells $95.19


AY015426R Rocker Switch $ 24.19


5B941 Firebrick - 9" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/4" $4.28


AY005246R Grate C74-001=12 1/2 x 10"  $167.09

AY005247R Grate C74 - 002-12 1/2" x 5" $74.94

AY005252R Grate #41 - 12 1/2" x 9" $136.40

AY007716R Grate Right - 19 1/4" x 3" $135.56

AY007717R Grate Left - 19 1/4" x 3" $152.38

AY009133R Grate - 11 3/4" x 14" $214.17

AY017217R Grate Large - 9 3/4" x 10" $171.83

AY017218R Grate Small - 9 3/4" x 5" $62.50


AY020763AA Ash Door Handle Assembly $26.22

AY020763FA Feed Door Handle Assembly $33.19

AY024821AA Ash Door Handle Assembly $38.41

AY024823FA Feed Door Handle Assembly $45.38

AY005256R Shaker Handle $28.93

Liners & Retainers

AY003283R Liner $353.41

AY004840R Liner Manifold $153.43

AY005240R Front Liner $116.90

AY005243R Liner Side C74-003 $179.16

AY005244R Liner Down Draft C74-004 $138.16

AY005245R Liner Down Draft C74-005 $149.69

AY010738R Liner Rear $183.34

AY017048R Liner Side $107.21

AY017525R Liner Retainer $26.41

AY024811R Retainer Side Brick $29.01

AY024812R Liner Side Retainer $27.49

AY024884R Liner Retainer $35.95

AY024885R Liner Retainer $17.03

AYCF9102R Liner Retainer $35.95


AYC17602R Smoke Curtain- 11 5/8 x 4 - $18.79

AY24835  009008H Smoke Curtain 11 3/4 x 5 x 1 -  $46.67

AY24846 Smoke Curtain Rod 3/16 x 14 1/2 -  $5.64

AYC25401R  Smoke Curtain Rod 3/16 x 15 1/8 L-angle- $10.95

AYCF7803R Ash Pan $52.91

AY011777R Ash Pan $75.72

AY026255R  1/4" Hinge Pin (1 7/16")  $3.29


***More Parts Available***

Call or email for details!


Ashley Wood Stoves

Parts Available for the following Ashley Stove Models.

25HFR                       7150B 

7150BX                     7150C

7150F                       7880

A1 and A1C               AC2

AFS241                    ARH22B

AHI1 and AHI-1B      ARH23

AHS2,AHS2B            ARH23A

Sahara Wood             B60

APS1 and APS1C    C-60, C-60D

APS5, APS5B         C-74, C60-30

ARH24, ABRH24    C60-4, C60-5

ASH1/AHS1B         C60-6, C60-7

Ashley Furnace,     C60-8, C60-9

model 24A and 30A C60E, C60F

C60G                       C62, C62M

C85, C92                  CAH F2

CAC and BCAC       CC60, CKW

Cannon Heater 1869    CW85

Cookstove 1864        CWF100

EC95, BEC95            CWF200

Furnace F-8100, F8200

Imperial, C60-10, C60-11, C60-12

NCAHS1, NCAHS1B Circulators


Pedestal Heater, model APS1100B

And other newer models.


There is normally a metal plate attached to your stove that will provide the model number.  If that is missing or you do not know your model number, please contact us 336-701-0555 or email us pictures at we will do our best to help you identify the parts you need.



Above... Parts List, click to enlarge!

Below, Application Chart for Ashley Stoves. Click to enlarge!

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We have parts available for the following stoves: 


Abraham, Acorn, Ajax, Alaska, Allnighter, Allstar MFG, American, American Eagle, American Furnace Company, American Road, American Seating,Americana, Andes, Appalachian, Argand, Armoral, Arrow, Ashley, Aspen, Atlanta, Autocrat, Avalon, B.K.,Bat Cave Stoves, Berkheimer, Berkshire, Better'n Ben, Big Ben, Big Jim's Woodstove, Birmingham Range, BIS, Blackhawk, Blaze King, Blue Ridge, Boss Stove, Boston Stove Company, Brown, Buchanan Welding, Buck Stoves, Buckeye, Buckner Enterprises,Bussy & McLeod Stove Company, C & D Enterprises, Caboose Stove, Cannon Stove, Carolina Stove, Catalytic Damper Corporation, Cawley-Lemay Stoves, Century, Chappee, Chehalem Fireside,Chippewa, Chubby, Citation/Salvo Machinery, Clarion/Wood Bishop, Clayton, Co-operative Foundry Company, Coalbrookdale Stove, Coalmaster, Cole's Heaters, Coleman, Comfort Flame, Comforter,Concord, Consolidated Dutchwest-Vermont Castings,Corinthian, Coronet, Cottage Stove, Country Comfort,Country Flame, Country Stove, Craft Stove, Crane,Crawford, Defiance Company, Derco Inc., Desa, Design Dynamics, Detroit Stove WorksDevault-Fab, Dexter Stoves, Dixie, DK Metals, Dockash, Dominion,Doorwood, Dove, Dover, Drolet, Duomatic-Olsen, Eagle Furnance, Earth Stove, Efel, Elm, Elmira,Enerex, Energy Harvester, Energy King, Energy Marketing Corp., Energy Mate, England Stove Works,Englander, E-Z Insert, Enterprise, Estate Eureka,Euro-Design, Excaliber, Faultless Oak, Favorite, Fawcett, Fern, Fire Chief, Fireplace Xtrordinair, Firepower Add-on Furnace, Firerite, Fisher, Fjord, Florence, FMI Fireplace, Foundry, Fuller & Warren Co., Garrison, Georgetowne Stoves, Gibraltar, Glacier Bay, Glenwood, Globe, Godin, Gold Coin, Golden Oak,Greenhorizons Furnaces, Grimstock, H.B. Smith Coal Boiler, Haas Sohn, Hampton, Hardy Outside Furnace, Harmon, Heart Fireplace, Hawke, Hayes Equipment, Hearth Heat, Hearth Mate, Hearthland, Hearthstone, Heating Energy, Hercules, Heritage, High Valley, Hitzer, Home Comfort, Home Heater, Homer, Homewood Furnace, Horstman Industries, Hotblast, Hoval Boiler, Hutch, International Heater, Jensen, Johnson Energy Systems, Jotul, Jumbo Stove, King, Kingsman, Nightingale, Knox Stove Works, Koser Northland, Kresno, Kuma Stove, Lake Region Stove Works, Lakewood Stove, Lancaster Fabrications,  Lange, Lavec, Leaders, Lighthouse, Lilly Furnaces, Lilly Stoves, Locke Stoves, Long MFG, Longwood Furnace, Lopi, Loth, LTD Furnace, Magee,Magestic Range, Martin Industries, Mealmaster, Memco, Modern Maid, Mohawk Industries, Monarch, Morso, Mount Vernon Range, Napoleon, Nashua, National Steelcrafters, Nestor Martin, New Buck,Newmac, Nightingale, Northland, Novel, Novelty, New-Tec, Old Mill, Olix Air-Flow, Oregon Wood Stoves, Orley's, Orono, Orr Painter & Company,Orville Products/Country Comfort, Panda Stoves,Park Oak, Patriot, Penn Coal Stove, Perry Stove Company, Pettite Godin, Phillips & Clarke Company,Pine Baron Stove, Portland Stove Company, Pro-Former-Z, Rathbone Sard & Co., Rebel, Record Foundry, Red Cross, Regency, Reges Metal, Reginald, Rembrandt, Riteway, Round Oak, Royal Scott, RSF Energy, Rupp, Saey, Salvo Machinery,Scan, Scandia, Schooner, Scotia, Scranton Stove Works, Sears, Security, Shenandoah, Sierra, Silent Flame, Smith, Smoke Genie, Sotz, Splendid, Squire Stoves, Stanley Cook Stoves, Steel King Furnance, Stewart, Suburban, Summer Heat, Sunbeam, Sunshine, Superior Stove, Surdiac, Sweet Home,Tarm, Tempwood/Tempcoal, Thermograte, Timber Eze, Timber Ridge, Timberwolf, Tirolia, Torridaire,Trail Blazer, Travis Industries, Treasure, Treemont,Ultraburn, Universal C & S, Upland, US Stove Company, Van Wert MFG, Vansco, Vantage Hearth, Vermont Castings/Consolidated Dutchwest, Vermont Down Drafter, Vermont Iron, Vermont Soapstone, Versagrid Retrofits, Vestal, Viking, Vulcan, W.E.T. Industries, Warm Morning, Warnock Hersey,Waterford Stove, Webco Ind., Webster Stove Company, Welcome, Western Fab, Wier Stove Company, Wonderwood, Wondercoal, Wood Bishop, Wood Chief, Woodchuck, Woodmaster, Woodstock, Woodstocker, XTEC, Yukon...and more!!!


Many Liners and Retainers available!

Motors available for most Ashley Stoves!